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 Navigating The Dating Maze

A group to help you get on the right path to finding the best relationship for you

The purpose of this group is to use the space  to discuss and  struggles, challenges, concerns, fears, anxieties, expectations, goals and experiences in navigating dating and relationships in the modern world. 


  • 7 weeks;  April 13- May 25

  • Thursdays, 7-8pm

  • For Women/WII 25- 34 years old

  • Virtual on Zoom

  • NY & NJ residents

  • Safe Space for BIPOC & LGBTQIA+

  • Virtual on Zoom

with Frances Field, MFT-LP


$ 35 per session

Topics We'll Discuss

•  Turning down the voices of others about dating, and learning to identify your own dating needs.

• Situation-ships, relationships, and hookups: weighing your dating choices, and moving forward with confidence!

• From dating apps to a blind date, figuring out where and how to find your ideal date.

• How to enjoy dating and figure out if someone is right for you.

• Let's talk about sex -"Sex on the first date or sex on the tenth? Exploring the meaning of intimacy in dating."

• Boundaries and safety: why no one talks about them, and how we can prioritize during dating process.

• Improving communication skills so you can create a healthy foundation for your future relationships and effectively share your needs

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