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Trauma-Informed Therapy
What if instead of “What is wrong with me?” the question became “What happened to me?
Shifting the question  allows for more compassion and understanding. It also takes into account context, recognizing that we are constantly adapting to the things around us and that how we manage feelings, form our thoughts and beliefs, and navigate relationships is a result of what we learned in the past and what we had to do to make it thorough.


It is the relationship with yourself that matters most

Life will always have its challenges and difficulties and no amount of therapy will change that.
However, if you understand how to mange your feelings and triggers, if you know yourself and feel confident in yourself, if you can seek your own voice and guidance, it can make the difference. Therapy can you help you build a positive relationship with yourself, so you can stay centered and weather the storms.


Therapy is not forever
While the length of time depends on what you would like to work on, this work is meant to be temporary and transitional. The goal of therapy is to ultimately help you feel empowered to move forward on your own.

Meet Alayne

Realize means to begin to understand something that you did not know or notice before



Individual Sessions
Sessions are typically 45 or 60 minutes long depending on your needs. Session are held on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Realize You is a fully telehealth practice. Sessions are conducted via phone or video. Both allow you flexibility and to have a session in a place that you are most comfortable. Phone sessions are especially helpful for those who have difficulty sharing with others or fear judgement.


• Anxiety and Panic Disorders
• Depression
• Life Transitions
• Women’s Mental Health (Pregnancy, Infertility and Post-Partum)
• Trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
• Relationship Issues
• Feelings/ Anger Management
• Stress Management

Realize You is inclusive of all communities of color and the LGBTQIA+ community.

Working from Home

The financial investment in therapy can be an important factor for prospective clients. Our goal is to offer several options to best meet your needs.

We currently accept the following insurances:

• Optum
• Oscar Health
• Oxford
• UnitedHealthcare 

For out-of-network benefits, we offer monthly superbills for insurance reimbursement.

We also work with Advekit, an organization that assists in covering the upfront costs of therapy and submitting claims to insurance.
Please visit for more information.

We offer pre-paid monthly plans with discounts up to 12% as well as a sliding scale plan for those who demonstrate a financial need.

Please feel free to reach out for more information about your specific circumstances and needs.

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To learn more, feel free to reach out for a complimentary 30 minute phone consultation.

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